Donald Trump: ‘I’m actually, I guess, the chief law enforcement officer of the country’

President Donald Trump asserted on Tuesday that he has a right to interfere in the U.S. justice system because he is “the chief law enforcement officer of the country.” Before departing to California Tuesday afternoon, Trump was asked about whether he had weighed in with Attorney General William Barr on the sentencing of Roger Stone. […]

Rudy Giuliani explains why he profiled Black New Yorkers: ‘Who are we supposed to go look for?’

Rudy Giuliani, a former mayor of New York City and an attorney for President Donald Trump, defended his stop and frisk policy on Tuesday — but assailed Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg continuing the practice. Giuliani made the remarks during an interview with Fox News host Ed Henry. “Our statistics were perfect,” Giuliani insisted. “We […]

Stephanie Grisham hints ‘anonymous’ author could face retaliation for ‘working against the American people’

White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham suggested on Tuesday that an anonymous author who wrote a White House book exposing President Donald Trump is an enemy of the “American people.” During an interview on Fox News, host Steve Doocy asked Grisham about reports that National Security Council Victoria Coates staffer may be reassigned because of […]

Buttigieg says Trump can ‘do chores’ if he’s unwilling to leave White House

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg joked on Monday about what he would do if President Donald Trump is unwilling to leave the White House after a 2020 loss. During a campaign event in Reno, a voter worried that Trump might call his loss a hoax if the election is close. “I mean, if he won’t […]

‘Communist’ FOX network angers Trump fans at Daytona 500 by cutting to commercial as he begins speech

The FOX broadcast network seemingly snubbed the president of the United States on Sunday when it cut to commercial while he was speaking. Viewers complained on Twitter that FOX Sports cut away prior to President Donald Trump’s campaign-style speech at the Daytona 500, where he was named grand marshal. FOX’s cameras were also criticized for […]

C-SPAN caller scorched by Muslim comedian for ignoring Jesus after she rants ‘gays are abomination to God’

Comedian Dean Obeidallah, who is Muslim, told a C-SPAN caller that Republicans are not following the teachings of Jesus Christ even though they may oppose abortion and other policies advocated by evangelicals. “I am independent,” Pam, who called from Arkansas, told Obeidallah. “I vote according to my conscience of who would Jesus vote for if […]

Tom Cotton hints without evidence coronavirus is Chinese biological warfare: ‘Err on the side of caution’

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) suggested on Sunday the coronavirus, which has killed over 1,000 Chinese citizens, is a biological weapon developed by the Chinese military. Cotton made the remarks on the Fox News program Sunday Morning Futures. The senator insisted that reports that the virus started in a Chinese food market were incorrect. “This virus […]

White House adviser clashes with CNN host over stop and frisk: It was less racist when Trump supported it

Marc Short, chief of staff to Vice President Mike Pence, argued on Sunday that New York City’s controversial stop and frisk was not as racist when President Donald Trump supported it. CNN’s Dana Bash noted during an interview with Short on CNN that President Donald Trump had called Democratic presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg a “total […]

Kellyanne Conway sputters lies to Chris Wallace: Trump is victim of a ‘two-tier justice system’

White House aide Kellyanne Conway asserted on Sunday that President Donald Trump is being mistreated by a “two-tier justice system.” During an interview on FOX News Sunday, host Chris Wallace asked Conway for the president’s reaction to a Justice Department decision not to prosecute former FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who was forced to correct misstatements […]

Internet disgusted after Trump retweets gross video of Texas mayor in bathroom: ‘I think you have hit a new low’

For some reason Donald Trump decided on Saturday to retweet a video of a Texas mayor who was unaware he was still wearing a hot mic when he went to the bathroom, which stunned even Trump’s regular critics on Twitter. Trump pushed out the tweet with the video that stated, “THIS IS HILARIOUS. Mayor of […]