Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk star in Star Trek deepfake

Amusing yet unsettling and increasingly smooth, the deepfakes keep coming. Here’s Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk’s faces superimposed onto Star Trek’s original 1965 pilot episode by, with Bezos as the Talosian magistrate and Musk as Christopher Pike. It’s by TheFakening, one of YouTube’s deepfake masters. In the not too distant future Elon Musk will save […]

Facebook will pay Reuters to fact-check Deepfakes and more

Eye-witness photos and videos distributed by news wire Reuters already go through an exhaustive media verification process. Now the publisher will bring that expertise to the fight against misinformation on Facebook. Today it launches the new Reuters Fact Check business unit and blog, announcing that it will become one of the third-party partners tasked with […]

Twitter will label deepfakes and other ‘manipulated media’

As election season heats up, Twitter revealed its plan for fighting deepfakes and other deceptive video. The company said that, beginning March 5, it will start to add warning labels to tweets that contain videos with “synthetic and manipulated media,” and that it will remove them entirely when they are likely to “cause serious harm.” […]

Snapchat Cameo will let you deepfake your way into starring roles

Machine learning and AI have definitely made some impact in today’s society but none more so than their potential for abuse. Never mind chatbots, deepfakes are the new media darling when it comes to demonstrating how such technology could be used to spread misinformation. Perhaps trying to defuse the tension, Snapchat will soon be offering […]