Stop the nonsense: 2016 was not a working-class revolt

I’m not sure what congressional Democrats are thinking. Speaker Nancy Pelosi said her caucus will pivot from investigating the president to “health care, health care, health care.” I suppose, as Sheryl Gay Stolberg said in Sunday’s Times, the Democrats are indeed “recovering from their failed push to remove President Trump from office.” But this president […]

If the Democrats nominate Mike Bloomberg, we’re facing four more years of Trump

Information mogul and former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg — whose net worth is an estimated $62 billion — has, by absolutely blanketing the airwaves with ads, managed to buy himself a respectable polling position in the Democratic presidential primary race. In the national Morning Consult polling, Bloomberg has moved to third position behind […]

‘Trump justice’ is an oxymoron — thanks to the president’s GOP enablers: Robert Reich

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it sometimes rhymes,” Mark Twain is reputed to have said. My first job after law school was as an attorney at the U.S. Department of Justice. I reported for work September 1974, just weeks after Richard Nixon resigned. In the years leading up to his resignation, Nixon turned the Justice […]

Trump has meddled in a lot more than just the Roger Stone case — he’s also using the DOJ to play favorites among corporations

Trump’s effort to influence the outcome of the prosecution of his buddy Roger Stone represents another threat to the rule of law in the United States. Yet it is not just the rule of criminal law that is endangered. The Trump Administration has also been meddling with civil law, particularly in the area of antitrust. […]

Elizabeth Warren isn’t out yet — so stop writing her political obituary

Yoo hoo! Elizabeth Warren fans! Over here!Yes, we’re still here. Gather round. Scooch on in. We’ve been shoved into this little corner at the edge of the stage, but we’re not leaving yet. The pundits’ wind is bitter cold, and history is giving us the wary eye, and our friends are sniffing, “Get over it.”Nevertheless, […]

Bloomberg vs. Trump would mean America has already amused itself to death

Maybe this wasn’t exactly the way Neil Postman wrote it up in 1985. After all, Instagram and Twitter were unfathomable in a world where the internet was still a closely held secret among computer-science geeks. Yet that was the world in which the late New York University media critic wrote a book called “Amusing Ourselves […]

Does Donald Trump have a secret police waiting in the wings?

A long time ago, before September 11, 2001, the right-most flank of the Republican Party tolerated the establishment’s compromise with racial liberalism, by which I mean “the basic consensus that existed across the mainstream of both political parties since the 1970s, to the effect that, first, bigotry of any overt sort would not be tolerated, […]

Will Trump ride Pentagon spending to reelection?

Donald Trump likes to posture as a tough guy and part of that tough-guy persona involves bragging about how much he’s spent on the U.S. military. This tendency was on full display in a tweet he posted three days after an American drone killed Iranian Major General Qassem Suleimani in Baghdad: “The United States just […]

The startling truth about Donald Trump’s reprehensible moral abnormality

If we look at Republican candidates for president over the last forty years, we find one significant difference between Donald Trump and his party’s predecessors. Despite all of his forerunners’ failings, it would be a mistake to label any of them as evil. Mistaken or misguided at times? Yes. But evil? No. Even progressive leftists […]

A historian explains why Jimmy Carter was the last of the fiscally responsible presidents

Popular impressions of Jimmy Carter tend to fall into two broad categories.  Many see him as a failed president who mismanaged the economy, presided over a national “malaise,” allowed a small band of Iranian militants to humiliate the United States, and ultimately failed to win reelection.  His final Gallup presidential approval rating stood at 34%—equal to that of George […]