Michael Keaton Courageously Administers Funds In The Actuarial 9/11 Tale ‘Worth’

Courtesy of the Sundance Institute “How much is a human life worth?” Michael Keaton’s Kenneth Feinberg, in his thick Bawston accent, asks his class of Georgetown law students in the first scene of Sarah Colangelo’s Worth, which premiered this week at the Sundance Film Festival. This is a question that, while crass and philosophically unanswerable, […]

Eric Bogosian Explains How He Kept Adam Sandler From Getting Beaten Up In ‘Uncut Gems’

A24 Eric Bogosian might not be the first guy you think of when you think of Uncut Gems. In the film he plays Arno, a guy who married into Adam Sandler’s character’s family and is one of the many characters to whom Sandler’s character owes money. With his ghostly eyes and hangdog face, it’s easy […]

‘Jay And Silent Bob Reboot’ Beat ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (And Every Movie This Year) In One Box Office Feat

View Askew No matter how many stoners turn out, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot isn’t going to make as much money as Avengers: Endgame. There’s a chance no movie ever will, as it’s currently the highest-grossing film (sorry, Marty) of all-time. But Kevin Smith can still brag that he beat his beloved Marvel Cinematic Universe […]