Maybe Michael Bloomberg wasn’t as awful as he looked

Call me crazy, but the media could have it wrong about Michael Bloomberg. The latest Democratic debate post-mortem came fast and furious – and from a prominent Op-Ed in The New York Times to the cover of The New York Post –and the verdict was almost unanimous. Bloomberg was “disastrous.” His campaign had “imploded.” He […]

Exploiting fissures on the left is like shooting fish in a barrel — and that’s a big problem for Democrats

On Saturday, Politico came up with a big scoop: Bernie Sanders’ campaign is trying to convince Democratic voters to support their candidate in the primaries. It wasn’t phrased that way, of course. “The nonaggression pact between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren is seriously fraying,” wrote Alex Thompson. “Sanders’ campaign has begun stealthily attacking Warren as a candidate of […]

Democrats face this critical challenge in 2020 — and here’s what they must do to inspire their voters

The biggest tension among Democrats this year has been over the choice between competing 2020 election strategies: motivating their base to increase turnout and avoid third-party defections, or moderating their pitch to capture swing voters. But in reality, even if Democrats repeat their relatively strong swing voter performance of 2018, they will still have to motivate their […]

Trump won’t get a boost by wagging the dog — and that’s not just because of partisanship

It’s become a cliché to point out that there’s an old “tweet for every occasion” by Donald Trump. But that doesn’t capture the degree to which he was obsessed with the idea that Barack Obama would launch a war of choice against Iran in order to bolster his chances of being re-elected in 2012, or […]

There’s a big problem if Joe Biden only wants to serve one term as president

Former Vice President Joe Biden may intend to only serve one term if elected president in 2020, a new report from Politico found on Wednesday. The idea of eschewing a second term had previously buzzed around the campaign, as well as the related notion that Biden could announce a one-term pledge. But according to Politico, Biden is […]

Here are 9 things you absolutely need to know about the 2020 Democratic primary race

If you’re a political junkie who’s been watching every twist and turn in the Democratic primary race since the day after the 2018 midterm results came–and if those in your social media circle are the same way–you’ve probably grown weary of the drawn-out campaign and wish people would start voting already. But keep in mind […]

Don’t be too sure that impeachment won’t move public opinion

Last week, I lamented about how the political press is incapable of conveying the gravity of a historic clash between two co-equal branches of government–one that has the potential to redefine a president’s powers and immunities going forward–in large part because most reporters are trained to cover political conflicts on the eve of an election first and […]