YouTube makes it easier for creators to address copyright claims

YouTube’s copyright claims system can be a headache for creators. Content ID — the platform’s automated cross-checking system — is often overzealous in demonetizing or removing videos. Plus, filing disputes against erroneous claims isn’t a clear-cu… Source: Indie Brew found this story and shared it with you. The Article Was Written/Published By:

Cox Communications hit with $1 billion verdict over music piracy

Enlarge / The Blind Justice statue standing outside of District Court in Alexandria, Virginia, US, on Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018. (credit: Yuri Gripas | Bloomberg | Getty Images) A jury in Virginia awarded some of the largest names in the music recording industry a whopping $1 billion in damages from Cox Communications, finding that the […]

Americans should definitely be worried about the EU’s new copyright rules

The passage — through MEPs erroneously pushing the wrong buttons! — of the new EU Copyright Directive last March means that online platforms operating in the EU will have to implement filters that allow anyone, anywhere, to claim anything as their copyright, whereupon the platforms will have to detect any attempt by anyone else to […]

Supreme Court to hear copyright case pitting Google against Oracle

The Supreme Court today announced it will take up the longstanding copyright dispute between Google and Oracle. The decision to hear the case marks a temporary win for Google, which in January petitioned the court to intervene in the 9-year-old court battle. “We welcome the Supreme Court’s decision to review the case and we hope […]