CNN’s Van Jones schools HBO ‘Real Time’ panel on how media should cover Trump now to avoid the mistakes of 2016

On the “Overtime” segment of HBO’s “Real Time,’ CNN contributor Van Jones explained to the panel and host Bill Maher that the media is still doing a terrible job covering Donald Trump — and then had some advice for the press at large on how to break the chain of continually pushing the president’s narrative […]

Katie Couric broke news about Trump on ‘Real Time’ — and it is hilarious

Veteran journalist Katie Couric hilariously summarized the argument against President Donald Trump during a Friday night appearance on HBO’s “Real Time” with Bill Maher — and broke 2020 campaign news. Couric was discussing the ongoing feud between Trump and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. “He said, we’re both from New York, we know […]

‘Welcome to post-democracy America’: Bill Maher scorches Republicans for allowing Trump’s lawlessness

The host of “Real Time” on HBO blasted Republican senators on Friday for enabling misconduct by President Donald Trump. Bill Maher began his monologue by worrying that people in his live, studio audience were unlikely to get laid on Valentine’s Day. “President’s Day, we’ve come a long way from George Washington, haven’t we,” “Welcome to […]

Republicans ‘hate the player and the game’: Bill Maher rips the GOP for ‘hating democracy’

HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher delivered a powerful lecture on Friday for Republicans who are putting their party before the country. “New rule: Republicans have to admit they don’t just hate Democrats, they hate democracy,” Maher declared. “They hate the player and the game.” “So stop saying Republicans don’t have principles, they do. They […]

WATCH: Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ hilariously roasts Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump

The host of “Real Time” on HBO went after senior White House advisors Jared Kushner and his wife, first daughter Ivanka Trump on Friday. Bill Maher presented “24 things you don’t know” about Kushner. “I first met Melania when she was the ‘entertainment’ at my bar mitzvah,” was one of the items. “I have less […]

Bill Maher: Maybe it was Trump’s ‘best week ever’ — but there’s a silver lining

The host of “Real Time” on HBO admitted it was President Donald Trump’s “best week ever” after his State of the Union speech and impeachment acquittal, while Democrats bungled the Iowa Caucuses. “I feel like Nancy Pelosi’s copy of the State of the Union,” comedian Bill Maher said. “I’m all torn up.” “Trump’s best week […]

Trump’s SOTU speech featured reality-show stunts, racism and pompous, empty rhetoric — but he still couldn’t erase his impeachment

For whatever reason, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has still failed to wrap up his sham impeachment trial of Donald Trump, denying his orange overlord the much-anticipated acquittal that Trump clearly wished to trumpet. And so it was that Trump took to the House chamber on Tuesday night, one day short of his kangaroo exoneration, to […]

Rick Wilson promises his anti-Trump group is about to launch a ‘pretty frigging nasty’ campaign to oust the president

Appearing on the HBO “Real Time” Overtime segment, Republican consultant Rick Wilson promised his anti-Donald Trump group, the Lincoln Project, is set to do everything thing they can to oust Donald Trump and his Congressional enablers out of office in 2020 with, in his words, a “pretty frigging nasty” blitz of ads. Asked by host […]

HBO’s Maher rains hell on GOP for derailing Trump impeachment: ‘Were officially living in a dictatorship’

In his opening remarks on Friday night, HBO “Real Time” host Bill Maher pounded Senate Republicans for blocking witnesses and further evidence in the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, bluntly declaring “Were officially living in a dictatorship.” After attacking Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN) for saying Trump’s Ukraine actions were “inappropriate” but not impeachable, the “Real […]

Real Time’s Bill Maher urges Dems to make an issue of Trump’s mental decline — and hands them the brutal ad to make the case

HBO  “Real Time ” host Bill Maher handed Democrats a potent weapon on Friday night, unveiling a campaign ad produced by his staff that demonstrated that Donald Trump is in a state of mental decline by using clips of the president slurring and garbling his words. Introducing the ad he stated, “Trump is a neurological […]