‘Throat of fire’ volcano signalling imminent, devastating COLLAPSE

Scientists are warning that the Tungurahua volcano in Ecuador is showing early signs of impending catastrophic collapse, after satellite data showed substantial internal damage from ongoing magma activity. Tungurahua, has been persistently active since 1999 so wear and tear was inevitable, especially given that the ‘Throat of fire,’ or ‘Black giant’ as the Quechua indigenous […]

Physicists grab individual atoms and merge them for 1st time, paving way for ATOMIC construction

While we vaguely understand how atoms unite to form molecules, we’ve never been able to directly witness exactly how this happens… until now. The breakthrough could pave the way for humans to build at the atomic level. Physicists from the University of Otago recently managed to ‘grab’ two isolated atoms with a pair of laser […]

Russia to export beef to Brazil for first time

Major Russian meat producer Miratorg has announced that the first delivery of 13 tons of beef will soon be supplied to Brazil. The company says the product will be distributed among the country’s hotel chains and restaurants. “The company’s strategy is aimed at increasing exports of high value-added products that are competitive in price and […]

‘Maybe it was the Belgians’: Netanyahu claims ignorance after reports of missiles fired over Damascus

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed reports that his military launched a missile attack on the Syrian capital, Damascus, saying that perhaps the “Belgian Air Force” was responsible. In an interview with Radio Haifa on Friday, Netanyahu said he didn’t know “what happened last night” and that “maybe it was the Belgian Air Force” […]

Nessie fans, brace yourselves: Huge mysterious ‘skeleton’ on Scottish beach sends online rumor mill into overdrive (PHOTO)

Loch Ness Monster fans and conspiracy theorists may want to avert their gaze now, as a giant rotten ‘carcass’ has washed ashore on a beach in Aberdeen, Scotland, fuelling widespread rumors of Nessie’s demise. The mysterious and gigantic remains washed ashore after Storm Ciara lashed Scotland with 90mph winds. A photo of the grisly creature’s […]

The race for Arctic oil is heating up

Norwegian and Russian companies are leading the charge in a renewed offensive for Arctic oil and gas riches. Despite climate concerns and environmentalist backlash against exploration for oil and gas in pristine sensitive regions of the Arctic, companies continue to explore for hydrocarbon resources in the Arctic Circle, in Russia and Norway in particular. The […]

Ancient carvings of scores of animals unearthed in Spanish cave (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

In a discovery that local media have dubbed the ‘Catalan Altamira’, an extraordinary trove of 15,000-year-old carvings, depicting dozens of animals, has been found in a cave in northeast Spain’s Tarragona region. Around 100 carvings of animals including horses, oxen and deer, as well as mysterious abstract symbols, were found in a cave in the […]

Magnitude 6.1 aftershock hits near Cayman Islands – USGS

A shallow 6.1-magnitude quake struck 53km off the coast of the Cayman Islands at the depth of just 10km. It came shortly after a 7.7 quake off Jamaica triggered a tsunami warning across the Caribbean. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center (PTWC) said that it’s unlikely the aftershock, which was reported at 21:55 GMT on Tuesday, […]

18 dead, 550+ injured & many trapped under rubble after Turkey 6.8 earthquake ‘felt all the way to Tel Aviv’ (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A 6.8 earthquake in eastern Turkey has claimed at least 18 lives and caused multiple buildings to collapse, trapping many under rubble. The quake was centered in the province of Elazig and was felt as far away as Tel Aviv, Israel. The quake struck near the town of Sivrice but was felt in other neighboring […]

US satellite being raced out of orbit due to risk of imminent EXPLOSION which may damage neighboring space tech

The US Spaceway-1 broadcast satellite is being speedily moved out of orbit amid fears that it could wipe out nearby space technology if a devastating battery malfunction causes it to explode. DirecTV, which owns the spacecraft, told the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that the defect is so severe that it does not have time to […]