Trump’s NSA Robert O’Brien blasted for ‘weaponizing’ classified intel against Bernie Sanders as Nevada caucuses

President Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor was blasted online on Saturday for a smear against Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) while Nevada Democrats were caucusing to choose the DNC’s 2020 presidential nominee. Josh Dawsey, White House reporter for The Washington Post, broke news on Saturday about what Robert O’Brien said in an interview to air on […]

At Joe Biden’s eleventh-hour rally in Nevada, many union members remain uncommitted

On the eve of the Nevada caucuses, former Vice President Joe Biden, who has referred to himself as “middle-class Joe,” had a last-minute chance to connect with middle-class Nevada voters before Saturday’s caucuses. At a barbecue with burgers, hot dogs, and ice cream sandwiches, attendees that included firefighters and iron workers gathered for what was advertised as […]

Bloomberg’s stop-and-frisk history will hinder voter turnout — but not the way Bernie Sanders thinks

Hiram Rivera still has nightmares about being stopped and frisked by police. The 43-year-old executive director of the Community Resource Hub for Safety and Accountability was stopped for the first time as a young black teenager in Connecticut, and has lost count of how many times he’s been stopped since.One stop stands out in his […]

Trump is doing Putin’s bidding by ‘spreading misinformation’ about new Russian election meddling report: Ex-NSC official

Appearing on CNN on Saturday morning, former National Security Council official Samantha Vinograd stated that Donald Trump attacks on a new U.S. intelligence report showing ten Russians are already meddling in the 2020 election is exactly what Russian President Vladimir Putin would want him to do. Speaking with hosts Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul, Vinograd […]

Democratic presidential contenders face diversity test in Nevada caucus

Democratic presidential hopefuls will have a chance to demonstrate their appeal to the wider electorate Saturday in a primary vote in Nevada, where the population – 29% Latino, 10% black and 9% Asian American or Pacific Islander – better reflects the country’s demographics than either Iowa or New Hampshire. Just past the roulette wheel and […]

Donald Trump snarls at ‘loser shows’ on Fox News: ‘In the old days, it was better for us’

President Donald Trump blasted the “loser shows” on Fox News after a guest on the right-leaning network gave his performances in the 2016 debates abysmal reviews. This article first appeared in Salon The president told the audience at his Thursday night rally in Colorado that Fox News programs which “like Trump” do better in the ratings than […]

New poll shows Bloomberg’s favorability took a catastrophic hit after a grueling debate

Most commentators viewed Wednesday night’s Democratic presidential primary debate as a resounding defeat for the newcomer to the stage, billionaire and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg. And on Friday, new polling released by Morning consult backed up that conventional wisdom. Bloomberg, who has shot up in the polls in recent weeks due, apparently, to […]

Justice Sotomayor writes a devastating rebuke of her conservative colleagues’ callousness and fealty to Trump

Justice Sonia Sotomayor wrote a devastating conclusion to a dissenting opinion released Friday, drawing attention to her conservative colleagues’ callousness toward inmates facing the death penalty and contrasting it with their excessive fealty to President Donald Trump. Her dissent broke from the court’s decision to grant the Trump administration a stay in the case of […]