The singer of a KISS cover band caught on fire in the middle of a show and kept playing

That’s not actually Paul Stanley; it’s Bobby Jensen playing the part of the Starchild in the Minneapolis-based classic rock tribute band Hairball in concert. But either way, it’s still pretty badass (at least until you remember the tragic Great White fire of 2003, and start to wonder why the hell there weren’t more contingencies in place […]

Foo Fighters Announce 25th Anniversary Van Tour

This is a big year for Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Not only is it the band’s 25th anniversary, but the band has apparently finished their new album and Grohl is in the midst of working on a new documentary on van touring. Putting it all together, the Foo Fighters have announced… Source: […]

The Strokes share new track ‘Bad Decisions’

The Strokes have released a new single, ‘Bad Decisions’. The tune – which was initially debuted at a Bernie Saunders rally in New Hampshire – follows recent release ‘At The Door’. ‘Bad Decisions’ sees the band’s classic riff-heavy sound infused with more nostalgia than recent singles – with a melody reminiscent of Billy Idol’s ‘Dancing […]

The band who fell to Earth: How The Strokes' third album nearly ruined everything for the coolest kids in rock

As The Strokes prepare to release their first new album in seven years, Ed Power reflects on how 2006’s surly, bloated and sharp-elbowed ‘First Impressions of Earth’ turned a band hailed as ‘the future of rock’ into The Rolling Stones for millennials Source: Indie Brew found this story and shared it with you. The […]

10k.Caash: Planet Swajjur

After a mixtape staking his claim to the Woah, a viral dance, the Dallas rapper looks to present himself as a bona fide pop artist with an aesthetic universe of his own. Source: Indie Brew found this story and shared it with you. The Article Was Written/Published By: Nathan Smith

Brandi Carlile Tapped as Record Store Day 2020 Ambassador

Record Store Day revealed that singer-songwriter Brandi Carlile is this year’s ambassador for the annual celebration. Carlile announced her role in the event via video from her attic recording studio in Seattle alongside her longtime collaborators, Phil and Tim Hanseroth. “We’ve been making the physical manifestation of independent-minded music for over two decades in… Source: […]

BTS review, Map of the Soul: 7 – K-pop stars weave myriad emotions into a gorgeous tapestry on this ambitious album

As a full album, 7 shows how determined the band are to make this record as cinematic and immersive an experience as possible Source: Indie Brew found this story and shared it with you. The Article Was Written/Published By: Roisin O’Connor

Jason Momoa looks the part in new Ozzy Osbourne teaser video

When you see a tall, hooded figure walking towards a microphone in an Ozzy Osbourne teaser video, you could probably be forgiven for thinking Osbourne himself was lurking under the hood. Not this time, though. In the one-minute teaser above for Osbourne’s new track “Scary Little Green Men,” the person yelling at the camera is […]