‘Saturday Night Live’ parodies the Dem Debate ahead of New Hampshire’s first in the nation primary

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” parodied the state of the Democratic race for president by roasting the ABC debate in New Hampshire. “So let’s meet our future MSNBC contributors,” George Stephanopoulos said, introducing the candidates. Jason Sudekis played former Vice President Joe Biden, a role that had also been played by Woody Harrelson. “Joe Biden’s go […]

Donald Trump admits to crime and more during the ‘Saturday Night Live’ impeachment trial

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” took on President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. “After months of anticipation, the impeachment trial of President Trump wound up consisting of two weeks of dry debate and posturing and will now conclude without any witness testimony or new evidence,” the skit began. “For those hoping for more, here is … ‘The […]

SNL imagines Alan Dershowitz and Mitt Romney in hell during impeachment trial sketch

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” The skit began with Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) meeting with Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) about impeachment. They were then joined by Alan Dershowitz, who spoke of his previous clients, Jeff Epstein, O.J. Simpson and Claus von Bülow. But Dershowitz suffered a heart attack and met the devil in hell, where he […]

WATCH: Saturday Night Live airs Christmas special — that’s just one giant dig at the Electoral College

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” aired an opening skit that was just one giant attack on the electoral college. A snowman introduced the segment, saying that we could look in on the holiday table conversation thanks to hacked Nest cams. The skit featured a house in San Francisco, California, a second in Charleston, South Carolina and […]

WATCH: Will Ferrell plays Ambassador Gordon Sondland on ‘Saturday Night Live’

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” on Saturday ridiculed President Donald Trump’s “chopper talk” interactions with the White House press corps, where the president shouts out journalists with the noise of Marine One in the background. The skit, with Alec Baldwin playing Trump, ridiculed the president writing his talking points in Sharpie marker. In the skit, Trump […]

SNL mocks boring impeachment hearings with overly dramatic version featuring Jon Hamm as a feisty Bill Taylor

Saturday Night Live kicked off the latest episode with an overly dramatic impeachment hearing to placate media critics who whined the proceedings have been too boring. To jazz things up, former Mad Men star Jon Hamm turned in a cameo as Ambassador Bill Taylor. Modeled after both soap operas and telenovelas, the segment was full […]

SNL’s Kellyanne Conway holds press conference to knock down impeachment while real press secretary ‘is in hiding’

SNL’s Kate McKinnon reprised her Kellyanne Conway impression on Saturday night, holding a press conference in place of missing-in-action White House spokesperson Stephanie Grisham. During the segment, which also featured a stand-in for hero dog Conan, she attempted to make the point that impeachment is now off the table after the dog’s exploits. “It is […]

SNL devotes cold open sketch to 2020 Democratic Party front-runner Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s rise in the polls resulted in NBC’s “Saturday Night Live” devoting the cold open sketch the Massachuttes senator. The show imagined Warren answering questions at a town hall in Iowa. SNL’s Warren was energetic, confident, and even crass. One young woman in the audience asked about Medicare for All, and how she was […]