Universal health coverage not radical

This image, posted by the 1912 Progressive Party, offers a stark illustration of how commonplace universal healthcare — i.e. “Medicare for All” — is in the developed world and even beyond it. It struck me that not having effective healthcare is seen as an aspect of American Exceptionalism, where the lack of something other people […]

Sanders disagrees with AOC over Medicare for All

Sen. Bernie Sanders broke with one of his highest-profile surrogates Tuesday on his signature Medicare for All proposal, suggesting that his policy proposal is already a compromise. New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told HuffPost last week that a worst-case scenario with Sanders in the White House is a compromise on health care that ends up […]

John Oliver slams ‘Medicare for All’ critics in powerful monologue

If you’ve been following the long slog that is the Democratic primaries, chances are you’ll have heard the phrase “Medicare for All” by now. But what exactly is it, and would it really work in practice? In the Last Week Tonight video above, John Oliver breaks all that down — and he has some strong […]

14% of Americans struggle to pay medical bills

The number of people struggling to pay medical bills has fallen by 5.5 percentage points since 2011, but more than 14% of Americans still had problems in 2018, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Why it matters: “Families with problems paying medical bills may experience serious financial consequences, […]

Police officers to stop women from having abortions under proposed new Missouri bill

Suggested law ultimately deems having an abortion to be equivalent to carrying out murder Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/missouri-abortion-bill-law-mike-moon-republican-right-due-process-a9324266.html Droolin’ Dog sniffed out this story and shared it with you. The Article Was Written/Published By: Maya Oppenheim

ER doctor confronts Mike Pence over Medicaid cuts: 'He either doesn't understand or doesn't care'

The encounter, posted to Twitter, took place at the Drake Diner in Des Moines, Iowa Source: https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/us-politics/mike-pence-doctor-video-medicaid-des-moines-iowa-er-rob-davidson-a9311376.html Droolin’ Dog sniffed out this story and shared it with you. The Article Was Written/Published By: Oliver O’Connell

Exclusive: Drug Lobbyist Caught Heading Prescription Affordability Board

TRNN confronted the head of the country’s only prescription affordability board about his past ties to a lobbying firm that represented a major pharmaceutical company. It’s part of our ongoing coverage of the nation’s overpriced and ineffective healthcare industry. The post Exclusive: Drug Lobbyist Caught Heading Prescription Affordability Board appeared first on The Real News […]

American College of Physicians Prescribes Single Payer Healthcare

The second largest American medical association analyzed the ailing U.S. healthcare system and prescribed public health insurance as the remedy. We discuss the diagnosis with ACP President Robert MacLean. The post American College of Physicians Prescribes Single Payer Healthcare appeared first on The Real News Network. Source: https://therealnews.com/stories/american-college-physicians-prescribes-single-payer-healthcare Droolin’ Dog sniffed out this story and […]

Healthcare choice in America is a scam, according to the people who came up with it

One of the most frustratingly incredible things about Corporate PR Con Artistry is that even when the chaos magicians behind it reveal their tricks, there are still people who will continue to insist that somehow, this makes the lie even more real. We’ve seen it before with climate change, and the bullshit connection between vaccines and autism. […]

Supreme Court will again review Obamacare birth control mandate

The Supreme Court on Friday said it will revisit whether employers must guarantee free birth control coverage for their workers. It marks the third high court review of the contraception mandate stemming from Obamacare — and the first since Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh joined the court. The provision requires employer-sponsored health plans to […]