Fox & Friends host goes berserk, calls reporters ‘agents of Russia’ over report Intel official briefed Congress

Fox News is continuing to provide enormous spin for President Donald Trump. Earlier this week they twisted the news that Trump was angry an intelligence official briefed Congress on Russia attacking the 2020 election to help get him re-elected, by claiming “Trump Upset Over Kremlin Trying to Re-Elect Him.” Check out how Fox News is […]

‘Communist’ FOX network angers Trump fans at Daytona 500 by cutting to commercial as he begins speech

The FOX broadcast network seemingly snubbed the president of the United States on Sunday when it cut to commercial while he was speaking. Viewers complained on Twitter that FOX Sports cut away prior to President Donald Trump’s campaign-style speech at the Daytona 500, where he was named grand marshal. FOX’s cameras were also criticized for […]

CNN’s fascinating series ‘The Windsors’ confirms why the dysfunctional royal family still rules

“The Windsors: Inside The Royal Dynasty” knows damn well you don’t want to wait 100 years to get to Meghan. The Duchess of Sussex — well, a dreamy, imagined version of her as she prepares to walk down the aisle on her wedding day — is the first figure we see in CNN’s new six-part […]

Conservative drops mic on complicit press trying to maintain access to Trump: ‘He’s a raving lunatic … tell it like it is’

Appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy” conservative Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin excoriated members of the press who — in the pursuit of appearing “objective” — refuse to “tell it like it is” when reporting on President Donald Trump. Speaking with host Joy Reid, Rubin — one of the president’s more avid critics — got right […]

#FireChuckTodd trends on Twitter after MSNBC anchor ignites uproar with election eve Nazi smear

Calls for MSNBC to fire Chuck Todd trended nationwide on Twitter after anchor likened supporters of Bernie Sander (I-VT) to Nazi Brownshirts during Monday’s “special” episode of “Meet the Press Daily.” Sanders is the first viable Jewish candidate for president — and had family members murdered by Nazis during the Holocaust. The host uncritically quoted […]

Stephanie Grisham busted by CNN host for lies about being shunned by networks: ‘We reached out, Tapper tried to book her’

During a segment on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” host Brian Stelter called out seldom-seen White House press Stephanie Grisham for complaining that he has been shunned by the unidentified cable networks, saying she has been invited multiple times by his network and has avoided them. As the CNN host explained, Grisham has been a constant presence […]

‘Unacceptable’: South Carolina news station confuses Senate candidate with mugshot of fugitive

On Thursday, The Root reported that a local news station in Charleston, South Carolina confused Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Jaime Harrison with Javondrea Shaidasha McLeod, a 22-year-old woman who is a fugitive from authorities after being accused of grand larceny and assaulting law enforcement. During a segment about Harrison making a campaign stop, FOX 24 […]

‘Why Fox News viewers are so ignorant’: Sean Hannity destroyed for claiming Democrats support ‘abortion after birth’

Fox News host Sean Hannity boldly defended President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address Tuesday night, by accusing Democrats of supporting “abortion after birth.” There is no such thing as “abortion after birth,” as many on social media pointed out. “It’s the party that wants to nationalize everything,” Hannity told his Fox News viewers. […]

Trump insulted a roomful of news anchors to their faces — and they just sat there and did nothing: report

When President Donald Trump announced he was disinviting CNN from the pre-State of the Union luncheon event, the prominent news anchors who were still invited to the event had several options of how to respond. They could have chosen to boycott the event in protest of a president who tries to bully and intimidate the […]

Twitter moves to curb manipulated content including ‘deepfakes’

Twitter unveiled a plan Tuesday to curb the spread of manipulated content including “deepfake” videos as part of a move to fight misinformation which could result in violence or other harm. The policy was announced after Twitter asked for comments last year on ways to reduce “synthetic and manipulated media” on the online platform that […]