Two Mice Photographed in a Comically Dramatic Struggle in the London Underground

“Station Squabble.” Image © Sam Rowley, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition, and LUMIX People’s Choice Award Bristol-based photographer Sam Rowley is dedicated to capturing fleeting moments. After lying down on the platform near London’s Underground and waiting for two mice to appear, Rowley was able to photograph the upright pair as they engaged […]

Trolls Force Artist to Cancel a Planned Greta Thunberg Mural in North Dakota

Drama is afoot in the capital of North Dakota. The state is the site of both the famous Standing Rock protests of 2016 and some of the country’s greatest crude oil reserves. And it was going to be home to one amazing mural of 17-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg in Bismarck, North Dakota until a […]

Banksy: Possible new mural by mysterious street artist discovered in Bristol

‘Remarkable’ Valentine’s Day-inspired artwork appeared overnight Source: Indie Brew found this story and shared it with you. The Article Was Written/Published By: Jacob Stolworthy

Black Men Photographed Immersed in Bodies of Water by Denisse Ariana Perez

Images © Denisse Ariana Perez, used with permission Caribbean-born, Copenhagen-based photographer Denisse Ariana Perez captures images that connect her subjects with the environment and redefine ideas of black masculinity and beauty. Taken in Benin and Uganda, Perez’s Men and Water series (I, II, and III) features men of color often topless, but not sexualized, as […]

How to Draw Online Using the Google Chrome Canvas App

If you’re looking for a cross-platform drawing tool, look no further than the Google Chrome Canvas web app. It links to your Google account, allowing you to save and edit your drawings on multiple devices. Here’s how to use it. Read This Article on How-To Geek › Source: Proactive Computing found this story and […]

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Posters Feature a Wildly Diverse Blend of Artistic Styles

Lacking the traditional sport and tournament themes of previous years, the official posters for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games are taking a different approach to championing the celebrated contests. Organizers gathered work from Japanese and international artists with a range of styles and methods, from calligraphy to photography and manga to cubism, saying […]

Self-portrait of van Gogh during psychotic episode, thought to have been a fake, deemed real

Researchers have determined that the above self-portrait of Vincent van Gogh, long thought to have been a fake, was indeed painted by the artist in 1889 while he was suffering from psychosis in a French mental institution. The painting belongs to Norway’s National Museum but is currently on display at the Van Gogh Museum in […]

Neon Hues Paint Puddles of ‘Regular Rain’ in Images by Slava Semeniuta

All images ©  VISUAL SCIENTIST, shared with permission Russian artist and photographer Slava Semeniuta (aka VISUAL SCIENTIST) retouches digital photographs of puddles to create vibrant compositions of “REGULAR RAIN.” Every color of the light spectrum is reflected in neon on the smooth surface of water as it falls and sits on the asphalt. The macro […]

Poster campaign depicts AOC, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton as domestic violence victims

‘These faces are not yours to manipulate,’ one critic of the artist’s work states Source: Droolin’ Dog sniffed out this story and shared it with you. The Article Was Written/Published By: Sabrina Barr