Android update to give users much more control over location sharing

Android knows you’re sick of being followed around.  The Google-owned mobile operating system teased new privacy features on Wednesday that, once live, will give users control over sharing their location data in more precise ways. Specifically, a new developer blog post reveals that the upcoming Android 11 operating system will give people the option to […]

‘No Man’s Sky’ update adds living ships to its universe

No Man’s Sky has been making dramatic strides in quality and originality in recent years, and its latest revision appears to be a textbook example of that. Hello Games has released a Living Ship Update that, as the name states, asks you to grow an o… Source: Proactive Computing found this story and shared […]

Windows 10’s Buggy Hardware Driver Updates Are Being Fixed

Windows Update doesn’t just automatically update the Windows 10 operating system—it automatically updates hardware drivers, too. That’s resulted in many bugs, but Microsoft is making improvements—and making some of those driver updates optional. Read This Article on How-To Geek › Source: Proactive Computing found this story and shared it with you. The Article Was […]

Twitter tests labeling and correcting misleading tweets from politicians

Twitter is testing a new feature that — if implemented — will prominently flag misleading tweets from politicians and other public figures, according to NBC News. As seen below, the feature adds red and orange badges to tweets the company has deeme… Source: Proactive Computing found this story and shared it with you. The […]

Twitter makes it easier to thread your new tweets with older ones

You no longer have to go digging through your tweets to reply to one with an update. Twitter has added a feature that makes it easier to connect an in-progress tweet to an earlier post. When you’re writing your latest missive, you’ll just have to p… Source: Proactive Computing found this story and shared […]

Adobe just gave Photoshop for iPad another huge desktop feature

Adobe’s Photoshop for iPad and desktop is getting a big update, timed to coincide with the software’s 30th birthday. The newly-fettled software sees Adobe bring a new smart select feature to its tablet version, while the desktop version of Photoshop makes improvements to Lens Blur and Content-Aware Fill. Photoshop for iPad updates Adobe’s version of […]

Microsoft Dynamics 365 update is focused on harnessing data

Microsoft announced a major update to its Dynamics 365 product line today, which correlates to the growing amount of data in the enterprise, and how to collect and understand that data to produce better customer experiences. This is, in fact, the goal of all vendors in this space including Salesforce and Adobe, who are also […]

Windows 10 update: New PC software is removing files from people's computers, users say

‘We’re working on an improved version,’ says Microsoft Source: Proactive Computing found this story and shared it with you. The Article Was Written/Published By: Andrew Griffin

Google Maps Is Getting a New Look and Other Upgrades For Its 15th Birthday

It’s tough for most of us to recall what life was like before the invention of Google Maps. Remember printing out your MapQuest directions and trying to read and drive at the same time? Totally safe! For its 15th birthday, Google Maps is getting a fresh look on iOS and Android, along with more information […]