Pete Buttigieg: Citing ‘Matthew 25’ isn’t a viable Democratic faith outreach strategy

John Stoehr, who has been one of my favorite political commentators for a while now, went ding-an-sich in yesterday’s column, discussing the difference between politics itself and the way we talk about politics. “It’s good to step back and talk about how we talk about politics,” Stoehr says, “especially given that how we talk about […]

Orthodox church cancellation of Louvre exhibit is a classic authoritarian move

This week has not been a very good one for the arts. Or history. The very same week President Trump announced that he was, once again, trying to eliminate funding for the National Endowment for the Arts, the Bulgarian Minister of Culture, Boil Banov, announced that his office would put a stop to an exhibition […]

Trump admin grant to Christian supporters ignites Twitter firestorm over taxpayer funded religious coercion

Reuters’ Sarah N. Lynch broke a big story on Monday morning highlighting one of the more outrageous examples of the Trump administration’s penchant for rewarding supporters and punishing opponents: A U.S. Justice Department anti-human trafficking grant program is facing internal complaints, after two nonprofits were denied funding in favor of two less established groups whose applications […]

Here’s how Trump’s State of the Union address was a white Christian nationalist dog whistle

Amid the ripping paper and misbegotten medals, Trump’s State of the Union address promised nationalism with a distinctly Christian bent. Trump wants to steal $5 billion from public schools (which he decried as “failing government schools”) to give to private, i.e., Christian, schools. Trump wants to roll back reproductive rights and ban abortion. But more […]

Did Romney cynically cite his Mormon faith for the Trump impeachment vote as critics claim?

So it turns out that at least some Republican leaders only care about faith when it moves the needle in their direction. Mitt Romney claimed that his Mormon faith had a lot to do with his vote to convict Pres. Trump on the first article of impeachment—abuse of power: Romney, a devout member of the […]

Literary critic George Steiner, whose views on anti-semitism drew controversy, dies at 90

In 2019 the community of literary scholars marked the passing of the pugilistic and controversial critic Harold Bloom; now only two months into the new decade and we’ve lost the no-less ambitious critic George Steiner at the age of 90. While both men were prone flights of metaphysical abandon and strong opinion, it was Bloom […]

Here’s why Trump’s reality-TV gimmicks and xenophobic rhetoric in his SOTU speech appeals to evangelicals

Since late December, 2019, when retiring editor-in-chief of Christianity Today Mark Galli published his infamous “Trump Should Be Removed from Office” editorial, there’s been a great deal of buzz in the pundit class over whether Trump, after a highly publicized impeachment trial, needs to be concerned with possible defections in his white evangelical base. From an analytical […]

It’s white evangelicals — and white evangelicals only — who are crazy about Trump

A smidge under a half-dozen items at the intersection of religion and politics for your enjoyment and edification. – eds 1. Let’s start with a question often asked: will white evangelicals stick with Pres. Trump in 2020? The answer, despite some high-profile dissension, remains a solid “yes“: For the time being, the real estate mogul-turned-president […]