Caltech ultrasound technique can selectively kill cancer cells

Researchers at Caltech have devised a new approach to fight cancer using ultrasound. The technique uses low-intensity pulses of ultrasound and has been shown to selectively kill cancer cells while leaving normal cells unharmed. The scientists say that high-intensity bursts of ultrasound can heat tissue, killing cancer cells and normal cells in the target area. […]

Killer T-Cell Discovery Could Mean ‘Universal’ Cancer Treatment

T-cells attacking cancer. (Photo Credit: Cardiff University) A new type of killer T-cell could serve as “one-size-fits-all” cancer therapy. Researchers at Cardiff University in Wales discovered a different kind of T-cell receptor (TCR)—one that recognizes and kills most human cancer cells while ignoring healthy ones. The early-stage findings, published this week in the journal Nature […]

Scientists take significant step towards new cancer drugs targeting specific genes

By turning off genes one by one researchers from the UK and USA learn how to target disease with new medications Source: Droolin’ Dog sniffed out this story and shared it with you. The Article Was Written/Published By: Shaun Lintern